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Third Sector Organisations in Danger of COVID Funding Cuts

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

We are living in a time of deep uncertainty; access to health care is under immense strain. There is a vast number of essential organisations within the third sector, working with the local authority to administer support to the vulnerable. If there was ever a time, we needed charities and social enterprises; it's now! "According to the Institute of Fundraising, charities stand to lose almost half their voluntary income and a third of their total incomes". (Capx 2020) A deep sigh can be heard across the nation, one which a simple cuppa can't fix. How can charities and social enterprises become laser-focused, increasing both their effectiveness and efficiency? In an industry where funding opportunities are at an all-time low, we understand the dilemma third sector organisations face. We need you to win. Now is the time to take actionable steps to ensure you're not running on passion alone. But you have a clear strategic plan, to achieve both your aims and objectives. COVID 19 has affected us socially and economically. The latest measures introduced will increase the demand for third sector support. Your services are needed more than ever. How can you, mobilise, strategise and affect change?

To the new founder, with your burning desire to make a change. To the long-standing organisations and volunteers. · We have nine years plus of senior management experience. · Over six years' experience sat on boards within third sector organisations. · Specialising in helping small to medium third sector organisations grow. Look, we don't want to reel off all our achievements. But we do want to reassure you of our expertise and knowledge base. It's not about us; it's all about you. We understand your strain. We understand your frustration. So, what's next? Our experience tells us often, small organisations write plans or strategies and have nothing to track whether it's useful. That's where we can help. Steering your passion for your community into a sustainable action plan. Our services include an operational plan template, offering a road map for your organisations' success. Identifying critical tasks which will help fulfil your aims and objectives. We are enabling you to track multiple tasks allocated to specific individuals. Time is a critical factor when dealing with funding. The plan helps you schedule and divide time and tasks together. We value the importance of working towards deadlines. We see the importance of not only setting clear aims and objectives. But monitoring how effective your organisation is working towards achieving them. Budget control allows a clear and honest view of funding allocation. Identifying the source of funding streams, the organisation has acquired. Does this sound like something you need help with? Let's talk about how we can help. Buy your Operational Plan Template for £97 now To arrange a FREE 30-Minute Advice Call

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