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Little Known Ways to get Donations

The BIG ask!

Asking for donations is one of the most challenging parts of running a charity.

Money, whether you believe it or not, is as essential as oxygen for our survival. Sadly, many charities struggle to secure funds in this area.

Although there's no magic formula for securing donations, there are effective ways to simplify the process. Listed below are a few of the small steps you can take to help you secure the funds you need.


Tell compelling stories, and people will be more likely donate as the charity speaks to them. This is a crucial component of being a charitable organisation.

It is important that you tell a story throughout your brand that compels the donor to give. If you are not a wordsmith, consider hiring a copywriter to help you tell your story.

Use language that your audience will understand. For example, “In one year, Henry has had no access to clean water, how easy is it for us to just pop the tap on.

“A good story will often include surprise, tension, emotion or conflict. Simple devices like before/after photos can help to reinforce a clear narrative’’.

Donors want to relate to your story and understand why they should part with their hard-earned funds.

Understand your audience

Not all donors respond the same way to emails, advert campaigns or social media posts. That's why it's important for charities to tailor their marketing strategies to meet the needs of different target audiences.

For instance, some groups do better if they are appealed to via their interests instead of their personalities. Getting to know your donors is necessary to engage them in a way that they will appreciate.

It is important to think of donors as your tribe of believers who get you. In other words, they can comprehend the impact that you are striving to create, and they will champion your cause.

Be Clear

The best thing you can do is to be honest with potential donors about what you need. Be clear in your approach and presentation of what you are trying to achieve. Make use of social media spaces to let people know what your funding target is and how far you need to go to reach it.

In order to gain the support of donors, visual imagery is vital. Consider your charities branding which includes your, logo and website design to name a few. It creates a sense of authenticity and understanding around the work you do as a charity.

Stating your donation objectives clearly is key, I would advise displaying it at the start of your fundraising letter and fundraising pages.

· Why does this person care? There is a reason you contacted him or her for donations. Keep that reason in mind and communicate it when you approach each potential donor.

· How does your potential donor know the beneficiary? Maybe they were childhood friends with the beneficiary or their neighbour. Mentioning this relationship while asking for donations will help increase your chances of success and create a more personal, intimate connection.

· Why would they have reservations? Consider why someone might not want to donate and then try to address it if possible. Some people are concerned that they cannot afford to donate enough to make a difference. You can overcome this concern and encourage more people to donate by listing specific expenses that small donations can be used to cover. (

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